In groups or one-on-one, David’s work immersively focuses on a mission of energizing people’s ALIVE CORE, where their EMOTIONAL ENERGY is stored and sourced.

To harmonize it’s inherent power with people’s formidable, often over-relied upon, and strained brain power.

His mission is to awaken in everyone their openness to feel life more intimately, deeply and meaningfully (yourself, others, your work, the world) while making sure you are enjoying the ride. Of your life.

David works only with a select handful of engaged one on one individuals, primarily in long term relationships to supremely support their longterm quests to love life, leaning on the Alivefulness™ model, while bringing in all his life experiences and world-class training.

David also offers customized premium immersive experiences at gatherings and retreats for teams, divisions and groups.

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