David is fluent in English and French.
David parle le français et l’anglais couramment.

Sensorial     EXPERIENCE DAY

Sensorial Experience Day (SED) is both the inspirational source and the culmination of the Alivefulness™ Movement captured in an immersive joyfully intensive day.

Emotional Experience


If you want your people to have an experience that will improve their relationships with each other, and with you. And elevate them to the next level of their performance and lives, then let’s talk about creating something personalized that you all will never forget. And will carry into your lives after our time together.

We will create something customized that your people will love. And get something meaningful, actionable and lasting out of. We guarantee it.



to our imagination…

David’s interactive speaking events involve the audience so they become actors, not just spectators. So they hear in their heads the messages, while feeling and experiencing them in their hearts and bodies. The fusion and fluidity of everyone’s heads and hearts for high performance follow through after the event is the mission and outcome of David’s live events.

Expect large doses of inspiration, energy, hope, and activation perspectives and strategies to go from AHA! moments in a private setting, to the actual office and home everyday lives of everyone present.


Supporting you in choosing a suitable setting, location & catering. Or best taking advantage of the one chosen.

Understanding your perceived needs, the immersiveness and depth you are seeking

Determining what you want your people to experience, and with what personal outcomes for the participants. Individual and collective.

Clarifying your desired outcomes for the people attending, and the feeling you want to create or enhance in the group.

Agreeing to a pre & post event communication and training process to properly prepare and accompany everyone attending to best take advantage of this amazing experience.