David’s talks are relaxed while super engaging and energizing, pattern breaking, contagiously funny and caring. He’s obsessed with transmitting to you deeply meaningful messages with the purpose to offer your team, your division, your company, your gathering that special experience of feeling something different and unforgettable. Together. To breakthrough.

David connects people on a NEW LEVEL, with a FRESH PERSPECTIVE. Your team will be better equipped to THRIVE in a fast-changing competitive world that requires resilient creativity and fresh vibrant energy every single day.


Alivefulness™ is new generation mindfulness: Tapping into your emotional energy for real-world high performance and more fun.

The remarkable power of generating and unleashing your energy on the world

High Performance Teams start with High Performance Relationships (including with yourself)

As an entrepreneur himself, David also speaks about how to thrive in an uncertain world, where your ability to connect quickly while meaningfully — and made to last — with others can make the difference between making it, or not.

He also talks about superior self-management and self-care, the advanced well-being lifestyle and not burning out – or breaking up – on the way to your desired results and dreams.

David is an active member of the French speaker’s association (AFCP) and the Global Speaker’s Association (GSF).